Friday, June 7, 2013

Nearly Bedtime

I'm planning a 1am bedtime til about 5 or 6 am because I know that's when my grandma gets the most of her sleep, too. She'll probably be up in the next half hour.

So since my last post I had my hour and a half of work (asst. coaching a coach-pitch baseball game. They only play for an hour) and finished Cryptid Hunters. Found out there is a THIRD book coming out in the fall, and I'm excited. Also a correction: the sequel is Tentacles, not Sasquatch which is just a book about cryptids that he wrote a decade earlier. Smekday is still hilarious. Apparently robots can be "boy-boy-boy" just like humans are boy or girl. The narrator on the audio book annoyed me at first, especially when I thought the main character was supposed to be a boy and not a girl, but she does a great job with voices and sounding like a robot and cat.

Anyway, I have a quote I forgot to post from Page by Paige that I really liked: "But all those wrong things also helped get me to where I am right now. [...] If I try to take out the mistakes, then this would all fall apart." It's on a page where Paige is sitting on a tower of cardboard boxes. I'd put a page number, but there aren't any in the book. I really liked this quote because of how it can relate to many people's lives and if people remembered this, maybe they wouldn't hate the past so much. As my mentor in college said, "you can't have mountains without the valleys," meaning that you can't have your good times without your bad times; otherwise everything would be a plateau.

The Roland Smith book was in the vein of his usual books - including animals that are wild and dangerous and people that fit under the same description. It has plot twists and action and adventure, and even though I don't believe in cryptids like Sasquatch and such, it was still a read I couldn't put down. The kids and adults travel from an island off the coast of Washington state to the Congo in search of the Mokele-mbembe (which is supposed to have lots of accents in it), a supposed cryptid. The kids get stranded by themselves and have to use survival skills and conquer their fears in order to survive. They do happen to have a bonobo chimpanzee, a teacup poodle, and a couple of birds with them to help out along with cool gadgets to keep in touch with the adults. I really can't say much more without giving away the twists of the story, but if you like Alex Rider books or survival, adventure, or action books, I definitely recommend this one and the other Smith books.

In terms of my status, I'm at about 12 hours and 850 pages now.

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